A turn for the worst; giving me a reason to change FOR GOOD.

I recently went to my doctor, for a number of reasons, when something minor changed into something major. After listing off a number of problems, I just happened to mention that I had been noticing bleeding at the base of my tailbone. I didn't think much of it, perhaps it was a number of things (a zit, a cut, an ingrown hair) who knows...

After an uncomfortable examination, he told me that he was pretty sure that I had something called a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone. He didn't seem concerned about it at all, but referred me to a colorectal surgeon just in case.

So I went to the surgeon a week or two later. She examined me and explained that I did indeed have the type of cyst that my other doctor thought I had. The only thing is she took it a lot more seriously!
Apparently I've had this thing growing in me since I was born, and it's been getting bigger and bigger for 22 years. It's just gotten so big (possibly the size of a small orange...YIKES, right?) that it's starting to affect my health.

So no big deal, right, if it's just a cyst cut it out, right here, right now, and get me back to my life. YEAH, it's not that simple.

She then explained to me that although it would be a fairly simple procedure to do, on her end. Everything on my end could and would be complicated.

  1. "Because of [my] size" the healing time would be difficult, and could last for 3 months.
  2. "Because of [my] size" I am a high fatality risk in surgery.
Because they would have to put me under anesthetics and flip me over (with a breathing tube already in) I could die. And it's not just the small chance of death that's present in every surgery...but there's a large one.

As if this was not shocking enough, she went on to say that maybe I could get gastric bi-pass so I could get this done.

Believe me I cried and screamed when I left this woman's office. But instead of just lying down in a pity party, like I honestly usually would do; I've decided to change my life on my own, under (mostly) my own control.
I then made it very clear to my mom that she needed to drive me straight to the nearest Jenny Craig, because I was done having health problems.

The ladies at Jenny welcomed me with open arms, and I started their Metabolic Max program the next day.

From now on, I'm a changed person.
I plan on explaining in more detail, about my cyst and the problems it might be causing. But after I'm done with that I will be concentrating on the weight.

So, again, welcome. And thank you for joining me on my newest journey!

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Jenni said...

Oh Sweetie! I can't even imagine. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I support you all the way.
This is Lisa (Leeseelee1) and I am in the middle of trying to get my weight down myself!
Stay Positive.

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