"If I had a tumor, I would name it Marla"

So I joined Jenny and am holding off the tailbone surgery for now, until I lose a lot of weight. I just can't go into a surgery without some kind of confidence that I WILL wake up when it's over. If I could put it off all the way, I would. But here's where it gets complicated...

This cyst is possibly huge and it's already affecting the rest of my health. A friend of mine talked to his doctor about my health. He told her about the cyst, but he also told her about my fainting disorder. He came back from the appointment and told me that this cyst, as I have said before, could have been growing inside of me since 1989. 19-freakin'-89! So now this thing is big enough to put pressure on everything down there, including my spine and the nerves around my spine. Guess what pressure on nerves around your spine can cause...FAINTING! The doctor told him, don't be surprised if I never faint again after I've had the cyst removed.
It would be a simple decision if I didn't think that this thing could be the cause of pretty much every serious problem I've had in the last, oh...4 YEARS! So now I really don't know what to do. I really would like to get this thing taken care of ASAP so I could stop fainting. But I feel like I need to get as much weight off as possible before I risk my life, because the risk is lower with every pound I lose.

What to do? What to do?

Oh...and p.s. There's also a rare chance that this thing on my tailbone could also contain cancer.

I know that people say that God would never give anything troubling to a person who couldn't handle it. But really, I'VE HAD ENOUGH of the shitstorm.

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